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Hello, I'm Shon Gerber

My name is Shon Geber and I am here to help you pass the CISSP Exam the first time! I have been a I have been a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) since 2009 and I didn’t pass it the first time…but no more! I have been in cybersecurity for over 20 years teaching and training students in all skill levels and facets of life.

I have touched almost every sector in the cybersecurity from being an Ethical Hackers, Security Architect, Manager of a Security Operations Center, and a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and as a Adjunct Professor. I can provide you the tools to help you achieve your goals in cybersecurity. was created to off up practical and actional guidance for students wanting to pass the CISSP Exam and grow/enhance their cybersecurity career.

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All The Tools You Need To Achieve Success in Cybersecurity


You will receive my ever-increasing volume of training materials to help you pass the CISSP exam the first time. This training is available to you 24/7 to ensure you have the tools necessary no matter when you are studying for the exam.


You will receive my 21+ years of cybersecurity training through my training materials and personal interaction. Through emails, membership interactions, and even 1-on-1 coaching you will get access to my years of experience helping you pass the CISSP exam the first time.


Finding a mentor who can be with you along the way in journey can be extremely challenging. Through emails, membership interactions, and 1-on-1 coaching I can help guide you in your cybersecurity career journey.

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CISSP Training Courses

The CISSP Exam is one of the most challenging Cybersecurity exams on the market today. It is designed for people who aspire to become a Cybersecurity leader within an organization. The CISSP focuses on so many aspects from Network Architecture, Software Development, Encryption, and so many more. The knowledge required can be daunting and overwhelming. CISSP Cyber Training is here to help you in that journey.

The CISSP training you will receive will provide you the information to pass the CISSP, but it will also provide you context and experience around challenging cybersecurity decisions. The training you receive will also hone your cybersecurity capabilities maximizing your skills and your compensation.

Learn More | $1 Trial Here!
Learn More | $1 Trial Here!

Professional courses on CISSP training

At CISSP Cyber Training you will have available to you products to help you achieve whatever your goals are for your CISSP Journey. If you are working along at your own pace you can chose the Self-Paced option. However, if you want the self-paced option with a bit more accountability, you can chose the Membership model. Lastly, if you need some direct 1/1 coaching/mentorship, that is available as well. You get to chose the path that works best for you!

CISSP Self-Paced Mega Bundle

Get fully prepared for your CISSP exam with our exclusive Mega-Bundle, which includes step-by-step study guides, hours of videos, an ever-growing bank of exam questions, audio and video training, a mobile app, and free bonuses like bi-weekly Zoom calls and lifetime access to supplemental training content. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind with our no-risk, 30-day money-back guarantee.

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CISSP Cyber Tailored Training Membership

Get the direct interaction you need to pass the CISSP the “First Time”! The CISSP Cyber Training option will provide you with access to me along with others within the community. You can get direct answers to your questions while you’re studying for the CISSP exam. The membership option also allows you immediate access to a large amount of additional study materials to help you pass the CISSP exam!

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Precisely what I needed...

"This is precisely what I needed in your course. DIRECTION! This Blueprint is the perfect roadmap to stay on track. I appreciate its clarity and the tangible sense of progress it brings. A phenomenal tool for revision."

- Kevin Fallon


Passed the CISSP Exam on the first try!

“... the podcast contributed to my preparedness!  Your words helped me think analytically for the exam!”

- Joe S - Cyber Security Specialist


Guidance was invaluable...

"Shon Gerber, your guidance was invaluable throughout the CISSP study/certification process. Thank you for breaking the monotony!"

- Kristopher Wagstaff


Outstanding Training!

"Shon's instruction methods and wealth of knowledge are excellent tools, both in studying for the CISSP and raising your overall Cyber Security IQ"

- Jon S.


Passed the CISSP Exam the first time!

"The training was amazing and it helped me passed the CISSP Exam the first time!"

- Jack S.
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Reduce Cyber Risk / CISSP Cyber Training Podcast

Check out my weekly podcasts that delve deep into the relevant topics related to each of CISSP domains. In addition, I will go over specific questions and they can be interpreted and answered.

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Supercharge Your CISSP Exam Prep!

Unlock 30 FREE High-Quality CISSP Practice Questions EACH MONTH to Pass the Exam and Achieve Your Cybersecurity Career Goals!


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