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Introducing the CISSP Cyber Training Academy Program!

Finally, a solution to achieve the CISSP Certification taught by those who have attained the success you want to achieve in your cybersecurity career!

Are you an ambitious Cybersecurity or IT professional who wants to take your career to new heights by achieving the CISSP Certification?  

Do you want to increase your earning potential by 100% or more by passing the CISSP exam?  

Are you struggling with time commitments and want/need accountability or a “guide/mentor” to help you achieve the CISSP on your busy work schedule?

Do you have regulatory requirements (SEC, CMMC, ITAR, etc.) that require Compliance for your company/business and need some help training your employees?

Look no further! This tailored CISSP Training Academy has been created exclusively for professionals who aspire to become more and/or have the cyber requirements necessary to maximize business opportunities. 

Introducing a comprehensive solution to address your unique needs in the journey towards CISSP mastery. Within our program, you'll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to pass the CISSP exam and propel your career to unparalleled heights.

If you are like me, finding time to carve out of your schedule can be extremely challenging…if not impossible.  Between the demands of your business role, family requirements, and personal responsibilities dedicating the time to study the CISSP becomes a secondary consideration.

…and to add more frustration into the mix, the sheer amount of knowledge required to pass the exam is overwhelming!  You know, the CISSP certification is one of the most failed exams in cybersecurity with an 80% fail rate.  You don’t have time to retake an exam, you need it finished...the first time!

Does this sound familiar? 

When I failed the CISSP Exam the first time each of these challenges overwhelmed me and as a result I vowed to create an academy for professionals like us!

There are more and more demands for people being trained in cybersecurity, let me help you achieve those goals and desires…TODAY!

As a result, We've created the COMPLETE SYSTEM to help you overcome the knowledge and experience gap; a detailed roadmap on achieving success; and the accountability to help you achieve success immediately by passing the CISSP Exam!   

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The CISSP Cyber Training Academy provides high caliber training to meet your exacting professional standards: 

  • A Defined "Blueprint" for CISSP Success: Our program offers a structured blueprint that accommodates your busy schedule. Through personal coaching and accountability, we help you make progress even in the most hectic of times.
  • Quickest Online Self-Study Training: We provide the fastest online self-study training program available to students, ensuring you can efficiently prepare for the CISSP exam.
  • Accountability and Guidance: We're here to walk alongside you throughout your CISSP journey, offering accountability to ensure you reach your training goals.
  • Expansive Resource Library: Gain access to an ever-expanding library filled with tools, training materials, and resources. These resources are designed to make your study time more productive and effective.
  • Tailored 1:1 Coaching: Benefit from private, personalized 1:1 coaching sessions with our expert instructors. With decades of cybersecurity knowledge and mentoring experience, our coaches provide unbiased support to help you overcome any challenge.
  • Versatile Training Formats: Choose from a vast assortment of training products available in both audio and video formats. Tailor your learning experience to your unique lifestyle and preferences.
  • Curated CISSP Exam Questions: Our program offers carefully curated CISSP exam questions designed to help you understand the purpose behind each question. This saves you valuable time researching every question.
  • Extensive Video and Audio Content: Gain access to over 100 pieces of video and audio content immediately. These resources are designed to help you better comprehend the meaning behind CISSP exam questions.
  • Private Q&A Platform: Have your questions answered promptly through our private question-and-answer platform. Get the support you need, precisely when you need it.
  • Personalized Cyber Security Career Guidance: Maximize your earning potential and secure the job you deserve with personalized cybersecurity career guidance tailored to your unique goals.
  • Resume and Interview Preparation: Receive 1:1 reviews and feedback for your resume and interview preparation. Gain insights into the insider thought process to excel in your cybersecurity role and maximize your ROI.
  • CISSP Endorsement Support: Once you pass the CISSP exam, we provide assistance with the CISSP endorsement process, ensuring a smooth transition to becoming a certified professional.
  • Mobile Learning App: Access our mobile application to maximize your learning on the go, allowing you to study whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you.
  • Flexible Training Path: You have complete control over your training path, regardless of your schedule, time zone, or external commitments.
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Academy Leader, Shon Gerber

I am a seasoned cybersecurity professional with over 22 years of experience in the IT field, and my mission is to assist individuals just like you in their journey toward CISSP success.

Since 2009, I have proudly held the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification, but I'll be the first to admit that I didn't pass the CISSP exam on my first attempt.

My career path began in aviation, starting as a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor, eventually transitioning to the role of Weapons System Officer (WSO) where I flew B-1B Bombers for the United States Air Force. My military journey reached its pinnacle when I became the Commander of an elite USAF Red Team squadron, focusing on cyber and physical penetration techniques across the globe.

In addition to my military service, I've shared my cyber knowledge as an Adjunct Professor at Wichita State University, where I taught courses on Cyber-Physical Systems and Cyber Risk. Currently, I hold the position of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for a large multinational corporation, a role I've proudly maintained for the past 12 years, overseeing cybersecurity on a global scale.

I understand the challenges you may face as you embark on the path to CISSP certification, particularly if you, like me, didn't start your career in cybersecurity or IT. Balancing a demanding job, a large family, and various outside commitments (Church, Sporting Events, etc.) I've experienced firsthand the difficulties of mastering extensive security content while maintaining a work-life balance.

That's precisely why I created CISSP Cyber Training - to provide you with the necessary tools and support to complete the certification process while ensuring your work-life equilibrium remains intact. With my extensive employment history in cybersecurity, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping you achieve success in passing the CISSP exam and advancing your career in the field. Together, we can navigate the challenges and triumph in your cybersecurity journey.

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Take a look inside at your membership dashboard:


As a member of the CISSP Cyber Training Academy, you gain unlimited access to our premium content, ensuring that you can study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Join the CISSP Cyber Training Academy, where we welcome professionals like you who aspire to achieve the prestigious CISSP certification and take their careers to new heights.

This program is tailored to suit the needs of various individuals:

  • Cyber Security and IT Professionals: Those who aim to pass the CISSP exam to significantly boost their earning potential.
  •  Busy Individuals: Students with numerous work and personal commitments who seek the fastest online self-study CISSP program available.
  •  Mentorship Seekers: Individuals looking for mentorship to ensure their success.
  •  Career Enthusiasts: Those who desire more career options and recognize CISSP as a prerequisite for success.
  •  Concierge Approach: Professionals seeking a comprehensive approach to certification with leadership and mentorship every step of the way.
  •  Business Leaders: Organizations requiring their employees to be trained in cybersecurity to meet regulatory compliance requirements such as CMMC, SOX, ITARS, and more.

At the CISSP Cyber Training Academy, we are on a mission to serve professionals who understand the true value of the CISSP certification. We emphasize the importance of investing in your future, collaborating with success-driven individuals, and achieving career mentoring to maximize your earning potential for both you and your family.

Our CISSP Cyber Training Program is a comprehensive system designed to guide you through passing the CISSP exam and prepare you for a rewarding future in cybersecurity.


+ If your goal is to pass the CISSP Exam easily

+ If you're searching for a meticulously designed blueprint that seamlessly fits into your busy schedule...

+ If you're in pursuit of the quickest online self-study training program available on the internet...

+ If you crave guidance and accountability to ensure you reach your training goals...

+ If you desire access to all the content via a convenient mobile app, 24/7, 365 days a year...

+  If you seek the smallest investment ever, with the potential for incredible compensation increases (50% - 100%+), transforming your career and life...

+ If you're longing for tailored 1:1 coaching from expert instructors with decades of cybersecurity career mentoring...

+ If you want a dedicated platform for private Q&A sessions, providing quick and reliable answers to your questions...

+ If you're determined to make the most of your limited study time and supercharge your future career and earning potential...

Then the CISSP Cyber Training Program is the best cybersecurity training experience you've been waiting for! 



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And don't forget, you have the best guarantee EVER!

Your access to the CISSP Cyber Training Academy is protected by our 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.


+ If you are not happy for any reason, or


+ If you simply don't feel this is for you


You'll get 100% of your money back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED EVER!


So I absolutely think this is a no lose situation.



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CISSP Success Program Overview




You Set the Price!



 ** All sales go to our charity for adoptive parents **

  • Exclusive CISSP Domain Training Mega-Pack – 1 Year
  • Unbeatable CISSP Question Mega-Pack1 Year
  • Comprehensive CISSP Audio Training Mega-Pack1 Year
  • On-the-Go Mobile Learning Platform
  • Due to the nature of this program....all sales are final.
  • 🎁 BONUS 1: Premium CISSP Video Training Mega-Pack - 1 Year ($397 Value)
  • 🎁 BONUS 2: One of a Kind Step-By-Step Blueprint for Immediate Success - 1 Year ($397 Value)
  • 🎁 BONUS 3: CISSP Accountability Program Designed Instant Achievement - 1 Year ($197 Value)







Total Value: $1035 (All Content)







  • Exclusive CISSP Introductory Call - 1 Session ($197 Value)
  • Tailored Cybersecurity Guidance & Mentoring - 2 Sessions ($397 Value)
  • Exclusive CISSP Domain Training Mega-Pack – 1 Year
  • Unbeatable CISSP Question Mega-Pack – 1 Year
  • Comprehensive CISSP Audio Training Mega-Pack – 1 Year
  • Premium CISSP Video Training Mega-Pack – 1 Year ($397 Value)
  • On-the-Go Mobile Learning Platform
  • 30-Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee
  • 🎁 BONUS 1: One of a Kind Step-By-Step Blueprint for Immediate Success - 1 Year ($397 Value)
  • 🎁 BONUS 2: CISSP Accountability Program Designed Instant Achievement - 1 Year ($197 Value)
  • 🎁 BONUS 3: Question / Answer Platform using VideoAsk - 1 Year ($147 Value)
  • 🎁 BONUS 4: ISC2 CISSP Endorsement - 1 Year ($197 Value)



Total Value: $2326 (All Content)







  • Exclusive CISSP Introductory Call - 2 Sessions ($397 Value)
  • Tailored Mentorship Program – 12 Sessions ($4764 Value)
  • Exclusive CISSP Domain Training Mega-PackLifetime Access
  • Unbeatable CISSP Question Mega-Pack Lifetime Access
  • Comprehensive CISSP Audio Training Mega-Pack – Lifetime Access
  • Premium CISSP Video Training Mega-Pack Lifetime Access
  • Stepwise Blueprint Designed for Instant Achievement - Lifetime Access
  • Customized CISSP Accountability Initiative ($397 Value)
  • On-the-Go Mobile Learning Platform
  • 30-Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee 
  • 🎁 BONUS 1: Private Question / Answer Platform using VideoAsk ($397 Value)
  • 🎁 BONUS 2: Cyber Security Resume & Interview Consultation Call – 3 Sessions ($797 Value)
  • 🎁 BONUS 3: Job Screening and Planning Session - 1 Session ($397 Value)
  • 🎁 BONUS 4: ISC2 CISSP Endorsement ($197 Value)


Total Value: $7743 (All Content)


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