RCR 074: CISSP Exam Questions for Assessments-CISSP Training and Study!

Feb 17, 2020
CISSP Cyber Training
RCR 074: CISSP Exam Questions for Assessments-CISSP Training and Study!


Shon Gerber from ShonGerber.com provides you the information and knowledge you need to prepare and pass the CISSP Exam while providing the tools you need to enhance your cybersecurity career.  Shon utilizes his expansive knowledge while providing superior training from his years of training people in cybersecurity. 

In this episode, Shon will provide CISSP training for Domain 6 (Security Assessment and Testing) of the CISSP Exam.  His extensive training will cover all of the CISSP domains.

  • CISSP Exam Questions

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CISSP Exam Questions

Question:  105

What tool is commonly used as scan engine to find vulnerabilities within an environment

  1. Nessus
  2. NMAP
  3. Ping
  4. DNS

Explanation: [a] Nessus is commonly used to look for vulnerabilities within an network to determine if an exploit can be used against the system.


Question:  106

What are the typical components that security assessments are typically used within an organization?

  1. Tests, Assessments, and Audits
  2. Tests, Audits, and Reviews
  3. Assessments, Access Reviews, Tests
  4. None of the above

Explanation: [a] Tests, Assessments, and Audits are the main components of a security assessment for an organization. 


Question:  107

Which one items below is not normally added as part of a security assessment?

  1. Risk assessments
  2. Vulnerability mitigation strategies
  3. Threat assessments
  4. Vulnerability scan

Explanation: [c] Vulnerability mitigation strategies are not typically added as a part of the overall security assessment as the mitigation and/or acceptance of risk is highly dependent on the organization.


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reduce cyber risk podcast episode 74 cissp practice exam questions welcome to reduce cyber risk podcast where we provide you the training tools you need to pass the cissp exam while enhancing your cybersecurity career hi my name is Sean Gerber and I'm your host of this action-packed informative podcasts join me each week is I provide the information you need to grow your cybersecurity knowledge so that you're better prepared to pass the cissp exam real hope everybody's having a wonderful day today in this episode we got from reduce Cam and that today we are going to make a few changes to just this episode bottom line is I screwed up I ended up filling up my entire LED that lives in podcasting episodes with other content and I actually from last month a little bit and so ended up causing me a bit of an issue so today we are just going to go through cissp exam questions they don't know all about saying but the bottom line is I had to keep it short because I ran out of space so we're just going to go and throw that out there today but I think you will enjoy today's episode if you have any challenges or anything that happens in your life please don't hesitate to get ahold of me at Sean gerber.com because I would love to help you out alright so what is the first question what does ipsec Define all possible security classifications for a specific configuration be a framework for setting up a secure Communication channel transition states in the middle bottle DCTC SEC security categories what does ipsec Define call that Define framework for setting up channel to exchange information between two entities and if you're in the security space any. Time you will deal with ipsec tunneling question about it alright next question what is the minimum number of cryptographic keys required for secure two-way Communication in asymmetric symmetric key cryptography A1 B2 C3 what is the minimum number of cryptographic keys required for secure two-way Communications in symmetric key cryptography three or four symmetric key cryptography uses a shared secret key all communication parties utilize the same key for communication in any direction alright next question what is the length of a cryptographic key used in data encryption standard Des Des cryptosystems what is the length of a cryptographic key used in the data encryption standard otherwise known as it says it's theirs the products predecessor 36B 128 6K summon is what like you're typing something low right just kind of guessed that one 56 bits Des uses 56 bits is it considered one of the major weaknesses in this cryptographic system and it is definitely one that you do not want to use cuz it's been hacked multiple times a wonderful wonderful day today and you will go to Sean Gerber as s h o n g e r b e r and go check out what I've got to get I've got some great stuff for those who sign up they sign up through my cissp training you get 35% off of my cissp training only for subscribe And subscribe to Sean gerber.com alright I hope you guys have a wonderful day and we'll get you some more of these coming out this week thanks so much for joining me today on my podcast head over to Shawn gerber.com and look at all the free content that I have available for you there is a cissp mini course free cissp exam questions podcast and so much more it's all available to my email subscriber so sign up if you want my personalized cissp training with your cissp need so you can pass the test the first time thanks so much for listening will catch you on the flip side CPR

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