RCRE 014: CISSP Practice Exam Questions (Domain 4)

cissp domain 4 Aug 03, 2019
CISSP Cyber Training
RCRE 014: CISSP Practice Exam Questions (Domain 4)


Shon Gerber from ReduceCyberRisk.com provides you the information and knowledge you need to prepare and pass the CISSP Exam while providing the tools you need to enhance your cybersecurity career.  Shon utilizes his expansive knowledge while providing superior training from his years of training people in cybersecurity. 

In this episode, Shon will be covering CISSP Exam questions that are associated with Domain 4 (Communication and Network Security) of the ISC2 CISSP Exam. 

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  real again it's Sean Gerber with my cissp exam questions on RCR 14 and is put on by reduce cyber risk and meet John gerber.com domain for communication and network security key for communication and network security alright question 1 siwan incorporates much of the same type sdn but primary focus in which of the following so SDS offer Define so sbway incorporates which much of the same technology as sdn which is software-defined networking what is a primary focus of which of the following local area network virtual private networks wide area networks or none of the above a local area networks bees private Networks are there any networks and D is none of the above wide area networks OST win if it's just comes down to software Define and we talked about this with ESPN networking it's the same type of Technology but it's used for mobile and stamping which is your wide area network and it is simplify the management operation of your wiring that work by decoupling you're separating the network Hardware from the control mechanism and it's a very similar to how software-defined networking implements virtualization technology to improve data center management and their operations so I've seen especially as it relates to work very well when you have an Enterprise that you have various nodes throughout the world and you're using your wide area network within the software to find wide area network allows for a much better utilization of the bandwidth so it's works really really well reference on this is Wikipedia.org wiki is a technology that allows what type of Transmissions over the internet technology that allows what type of transmission over the internet video text messages C voice D another Bob video text messages be seized Voice or D is none of the above answer is C right okay so voice over IP is also called as VoIP and it's not video but it's voice and it's Channel used to allow voice calls to be made using internet connections and you see this a lot it's also incorporate in many cases with the same protocol as you'll get with Skype and he's other type of tools but it allows you to use the internet instead of the standard phone lines to communicate with your voice now it may only allow you to call people that have used the same service but others allow you to call anybody you want and you can do is really changing so much and it's really is an impacted the long distance phone call companies dramatically I'm at work by encapsulating Audio to data packets via Kodak and then transmits them across an IP network and encapsulate them put them back in shape we talked about the OSI model scooters in a Skype there is a Snapchat but there's that I communicate a lot with in Europe and Africa webrtc enable browsers mobile devices and VOIP phones are getting a lot of the stuff is moving to this and what was a great opportunity but it does have some challenges as it relates to you do have to lose some packets that sometimes you can get some of the loss of the voice is not quite as Crystal Clear not always as consistent as a standard phone line but technology is pretty amazing intro notes 10 Wi-Fi networks are extremely popular for home and office locations what are some of the other typical uses a city wide wifi for citizens campus-wide Wi-Fi for students add hot wifi-direct for computers to computer Communications or D All the Above AIDS Wi-Fi networks are extremely popular and home office but what are some of the other typical uses Syfy for Citizens campus Wi-Fi for students ad-hoc wifi-direct for computers to computer Communications or D All the Above tell me about right so you get Wi-Fi that are cities throughout the country United States and other various cities that have it around the world I know other cities do this as well I think Singapore's actually trying to push that through and that this is allows Wi-Fi for Citizens just to have access to the internet. Campus-wide as you drunk college campuses again Wi-Fi for students and then ad hoc Wi-Fi is where you would have it basically connecting one computer to another computer using direct Community point-to-point communication or then that's so all of those are other uses for Wi-Fi at 6 dealing with his coming up 5G it's just going to be cellular technology recertification out there at Sean Gerber just type in Sean Gilbert and then reduce cyber-risk. Com will take you to the udemy site for right now and then we'll go on into Sean gerber.com to provide you that information as well the flipside Sia


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