RCRE 012: CISSP Practice Exam Questions (Domain 3)

cissp domain 3 Jul 27, 2019
CISSP Cyber Training
RCRE 012: CISSP Practice Exam Questions (Domain 3)

Shon Gerber from ShonGerber.com provides you the information and knowledge you need to prepare and pass the CISSP Exam while providing the tools you need to enhance your cybersecurity career.  Shon utilizes his expansive knowledge while providing superior training from his years of training people in cybersecurity. 


In this episode, Shon will be covering CISSP Exam questions that are associated with Domain 3 (Security Architecture and Engineering) of the ISC2 CISSP Exam. 


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  welcome to the reduced Severus cissp exam questions episode 12 domain 3 security architecture and engineering how many Michonne girl was reduce cyber risk and this is part of my ongoing series that I provide cissp training videos and audio for people that are working to study for the cissp exam all of these questions come directly from the cissp training that I provide at udemy.com you can check that out at Eataly that, and get some awesome cissp training pool her not a lot of money it's amazing it really truly is so we'll check that out but let's get started into these questions the first one is a t i c p TCP IP stack and what are some security mechanism of the TCP IP virtual private Network VPN point-to-point tunneling protocol pptp ssh40 All the Above which of the security mechanisms are designed to protect Communications of the TCP a VPN virtual private Network be point-to-point tunneling protocol pptp or see secure shell secure shell or D All the Above all of the above a VPN extends a private Network across a public network go to your Starbucks or wherever and you can then login your VPN have access to your corporate Network or your home network but it get allows it to extend beyond that you're just one local area network Ken's use various forms of UDP for the same functionality and pptp is kind of going away is gone away the dodo bird but it is still something that can be use it's not really recommend is better off using a VPN but it is something that you may see on the cissp exam because they still talk about pptp it's pretty cool you said 20 times operating Network Services securely over an unsecured Network YouTube basically encapsulated Communication channel be all of the above VPN pptp and SSH are all security mechanisms to protect communication of the TCP IP stack IP for so what time by diversion for how many unique ip4 IP addresses are on a Class A or are on classic last night host okay so you have a 23 million next government budget be 16777216 Tri-City 5534 class a IP for 23 million 156 and some change 60787000 and some change b60 5534 or D answer is B 16777216 2016 Arch / 8 blocks at your side or blocks that are there of ipv4 addresses and these mazelee make a lot of ipspace they really do on the former class Aiden that were blocked are assigned in hole to single organizations and we've seen in the past like you got your AT&T they'll have a whole class a network and they will then delegate out IP addresses from IP for now we all know IP version 6 is going to blow the socks off but that's the doors that I see IP addresses so you 16 Millions a lot but IPv6 blows out of the water Corporation for assigned names and numbers which is I can through the internet assigned numbers Authority which is Diana or the regional internet registry so basically each Sierra charlie tango Papa computer networking Communications protocol which Opera did the presentation layer be the transport layer eclair or D the application layer back part of the 7-Layer Burrito a presentation layer B Transport layer C data link layer or D application layer any answer is B Transport layer stream control transmission protocol sctp is it computer networking communication protocol which operates at the transport layer and serves up a role similar to the popular TCP and UDP protocol TCP IP IU datagram packet broadcast and it's similar to that it provides some of the features are both of both UDP and TCP and it's message-oriented like UDP and it sure is reliable in sequence transport with you to speak doesn't always do that and then it does provide you can try congestion control like TCP and UDP is just basically broadcast I'm a differs from these protocols by providing multihoming and redundant pass to increase resiliency and reliability as TCP and UDP April transmission protocol is the answer and it is dark trespassers transport layer is what's connected to stream control transport protocol which is be okay so we hope you enjoy this training has kind of a short one of the last bit of about dealing with section of the main three but as we're going to mean three of you can find these questions on my training at Sea on the cissp training at udemy.com I'm finally on Wikipedia some answers to these questions they have some great information there but again check me out at youtube.com at Shawn s h o n Gerber like the baby food and you can get some awesome draining a lot of money and then go to reduce cyrus.com at for cissp training and you can get access to my cissp training as well through you to me.com so I'll go to you to me or go to reduce the risk and get your cissp

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