RCR 032: MasterCard Cybersecurity Toolkit - CISSP Study and Training!

security topics Apr 08, 2019
CISSP Cyber Training
RCR 032: MasterCard Cybersecurity Toolkit - CISSP Study and Training!


Shon Gerber from ShonGerber.com reveals to you the steps and the cybersecurity training you need to grow your Information Security career while protecting your business and reduce your company’s cyber risk. Shon utilizes his expansive knowledge while providing superior training from his years of cybersecurity experience.

In this episode, Shon will talk about recent security news:

  • 540 Million Facebook Users Exposed
  • Ransomware Response – Norsk Hydro
  • Verizon Phishing Scam – Mobile First

Our Cybersecurity Training for the Week is:  Global Cybersecurity Alliance Small Business Cybersecurity Toolkit

As always, utilize Shon’s cybersecurity training to help fulfill your Continuing Education credits for your CISSP or other security certification.

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Welcome to reduce cyber risk podcast April 8th 2019 episode 32 welcome to the reduce cyber risk podcast for we provide you the training you need for your cybersecurity career hi my name is Sean and I’m your host for the action-packed informative podcast join me each week as I provide you the information you need to grow your cybersecurity knowledge while taking practical and actionable steps to protect your business from the evil hacker horn all right he’ll welcome to reduce cyber risk and great podcast with got some awesome things that have occurred within the cybersecurity space I got three great cyber-security news items that will be coming out that have to actually hit the streets this week that you can give you some guidance around us the cybersecurity a business protection aspect as well as helping you train for your cyber security training programs you might be working on and also going to be talkin about the global cyber security Alliance small business left to say but it’s it’s a really cool to look at that we’ve mentioned before in the previous podcast that I kind of got to go little bit more in-depth on it and understand a little bit what it can do for you especially if you’re a small-business and if your security professional who is looking to protect a small to medium-sized business it’s a great place to start as well as long as well as do you reduce cyber-risk training that we have at the reduceeveryday.com but the bottom line is it’s really good stuff that’s going to help you company especially if you’re looking to protect it the first training or the first piece of tin the cyber-security news that we’ve got today from Graham cluley and just kind of talks about the recent breach that happened at norsk hydro and if he had a little background about this there was a recent ransomware outbreak that had hit a manufacturing company or chemical company in the aluminum industry and basically it hit the largest aluminum producer in the world and this is a company called norsk Hydro now ignores Hydro didn’t have much of that they mean they had things in place but at the end of the end of the day like many manufacturing companies they had equipment they had systems that are old and Antiquated and outdated I eat 2003 version of locker locker ransomware got in there at his locker gyro gyro controls actual name of it but it basically it got into their environment and it started locking things up for him what is a CEO I just started like the day prior and then this occurred it would end up happening is they took the embrace the situation that they were in which is kind of a typical of currents the current Mantra around getting a ransomware attack in that most people kind of run and hide and then pay the ransom or just trying to say we don’t talk about it cuz it affects shareholders and so forth while they did the opposite they basically embrace the situation told the extortionists to go and pack Sands coming out with basically I pr campaign doing how they were they communicate this to everybody of how they’re going to handle the situation and by being a proactive approach they are one of the comments that I read earlier I think last week week before last is that they’re sure prices actually went up because of the situation and they approach and how do we deal with this immediately and how do we protect our company but at the end of the day just say that it’s it’s screwed up we got to fix it from other places around the world to help them get this under control so they hired incident response people to what the problem and this kind of float Falls in line with something I would recommend that if you are a medium-sized company small companies might have a hard time with this but at a minimum if you’re a medium-sized company to a large Enterprise you may want to consider having an incident response process on retainer and I know you’re paying insurance for that is basically what it comes down to it and it can get expensive however in the event that something bad happens in the last thing you want to be trying to do is negotiate contracts with a company to come in and help fight the fight for you so I had to recommend that you consider that talk to your legal team and your compliance folks but the potentially come up with a plan around hiring a third-party as a on retainer in the event that there is an incident that was kind of interesting was they were very transparent the communications around webcast they put out webcast and they talked about the situation and how they’re going to be going through it they also send out email Communications to people so they were very interactive with individuals and they gave status updates and I think it’s a great idea really do and so often cases especially if you’re a public company you don’t want to bring that information up cuz you’re afraid of it’s going to affect the the valuation of the company but in the case of this especially with the new gdpr rules that are in place and having to notify them breach response I think taking a proactive approach to a judge in the court of public opinion and you have to go to some sort of legal issues around this when it’s all said and done I personally believe that this will bode well for them in the fact that they did everything they could to address the issue I don’t really have much of an incident-response plan at that time but I think they took a smart approach to how they want to handle it and they basically we’re just kind of being very proactive with it two weeks ago in the podcast was around Office 360 because Office 365 their email was in the cloud they did not have their servers internally compromised so they’re able to communicate with people without having to worry about that system going down so that I think it’s a really big nugget there is the more we can have that redundancy in the cloud is great option so just something to consider but this was coming out of Graham cluley it’s it’s two weeks later kind of circle back around to see how things were going they still are not at 100% obviously this is going to take some time especially when you have these older systems that are in your environment but I think it took down like a hundred and sixty-one sites something like that huge Endeavor by norsk Hydro again response response plan exercise your incident response plan and be upfront and communicated with people around it 540 million Facebook users were exposed now that’s a lot of people and you consider that that’s it that’s a huge number of people 900 online there’s like 1.6 billion Facebook users or something crazy like that so is 540 million a lot yeah it’s like them or maybe look like a sixth of them somewhere right around their bottom line is is that what this came down to a third party who took Nation from Facebook obviously that they use that information to help targeting and advertisers third party and did not do a good job protecting it and like we talked about reduce cyber risk especially if you’re dealing with the Amazon AWS Cloud your ears a part that scares most Security Professionals and practitioners is the cloud it’s awesome I love the cloud I think it’s great it’s a great opportunity for people to be able to use a product that’s it’s more flexible it’s it’s scales well the challenge is though is how do people secure it and in many cases as a running so fast of the cloud people are not paying a whole lot of attention to how do you protect it and your exposure now it has gone up substantially because let’s just use this example as there’s a database that has 540 million users in it that typically in the old days this database would be in the United States you still at you have your perimeter that would protect you from that exposure weather for people could still get access to it a few more things I would have to fall down before people would get access to this release records that are sitting in a database inside your Datacenter now fast-forward to Amazon AWS your data center now goes to the cloud well it’s still you can have plenty of Protections in place mechanisms to keep people from getting access to the data however because it’s so easy to spin up and so quick to use and it doesn’t take a lot of training to be able to do this what ends up happening is people are spinning up instances in this case and S3 bucket that’s spun up and set up and place and so therefore when it’s what’s happening is is there not putting the proper protections to guard the information because I just spent it up or going to go and they throw data in it and so therefore it when it’s up happening is is now you have exposure that you wouldn’t have necessarily had internally to your company another Dynamic to that is it’s so simple to do anybody can do it in the past you have it help you with it so there’s multiple people involved takes time and lots of barriers well now that the marketing guy can spend one up that’s him that’s bad idea that’s a good idea honestly but I needs to have some basic knowledge and I tease the circle back around and make sure that it’s done correctly and so basically that’s what ended up happening and they they said S3 bucket that was set up in place and they were dumping data into it default Facebook supposedly was not at fault but their data was exposed and it was from a company called cultural cultural culture espanol a collective and it is a Mexican media company that had their usernames comments likes relationships excetera excetera so I had a lot of different little things in there that were tied to the individual now some people may say what usernames comments okay well that that’s bad that’s the same exposure of data the challenges now is that if you specially if you’re talkin gdpr they consider many cases IP address to be user data so some individuals may say Texas has bad so keep that in mind of any data that deals with personally identifiable information is depending on the country that you’re in can be a situation like this where it’s a breach some countries may not care but it more and more countries are actually very concerned about their citizens and their privacy of their data specifically Facebook users were exposed was the fact that the company who dis is to discover the issue called up guard up work but up guard discovered and told Cultura Collective on January 2019 okay so they told them 2019 said hey you got issues with your bucket so your buckets got some holes in it and a spring with that that stuff that you see the advertising the commercials that one dude that sprays his boat he put a screen door in his bottle his boat and spray it with that Gucci Gucci stuff too so basically told him you to spray your bucket cuz your buckets got holes in it in January of 2019 and guess what nothing crickets 5 days later they went back and contacted them again nothing crickets finally Bloomberg how to get Facebook and I got taken down as of yesterday April 3rd 2019 so but it basically that’s what happened and so they did not do a good job of maintaining their information even after reasonable disclosure from up guard saying hey you guys have got an issue now who knows what happened with cultural Collective they could have been running behind the scenes try to figure out who set up this S3 bucket and how do they fix it but I don’t think it takes 4 months to do that I think that they just baked some said yeah talk to the hand we don’t really care Collective will be interesting to see how the the court of public opinion affect them and if lawsuits are brought up against them I would expect they’re probably will be just because you got for 540 million Facebook users data has been exposed can I use Facebook but it’s who knows right that’s a lot of people so I expect you’ll be probably some lawsuits coming and then no use this is evidence of going yeah you guys didn’t do nothing about it why not so interesting part around that Verizon phishing scam and a focus on a mobile-first approach so what does that really mean well as we all know that most people are using their cell phones are smartphones out on a daily basis the actual desktop that people use on a computer or businesses and at home or whatever is going away in many cases lot of its going to the online or that the mobile options for your phone cameras are there your videos there is all there I record this on a desktop though nonetheless but you can be done on your phone right so what happened was Verizon was basically the target of a customer fishing campaign and it’s this is nothing news is anything we’ve ever really focused on however the key part in this is why I come back to my red teaming days is it all it’s all about the intelligence and if you have always said this have a smart guy is smart group of hackers did the Intelligence on on their target they would be extremely successful but in most cases most hackers don’t want to spend the time doing that cuz it takes time right and they just want to just throw stuff out there and then just hope bass like dropping Dynamite into a lake and just seeing what fish float to the top people do that kids can do that that little firecrackers and it was kind of cool it would just do a big Kaboom and then you’d have a couple fish that would possibly float up to the top but that was when I was younger and very inexperienced and not very nice so things have changed since I’ve gotten older dressing the squirrel has come back mobile first approach and what they said that is it optimized phony sites for mobile devices and so therefore if you let the whoever was involved with this new had an understanding of Verizon’s infrastructure and they knew how Verizon is interacting with people and I say that and I don’t mean to downplay that this article about that they’re actually start targeting bubble first but if you think about it they just did enough research to know how does Verizon reach out to their people so they probably are Verizon customer for war at one point in time and how would they reach out to them on financial aspects then what they would do they would focus on what are the key domains that they use in this case that use the abbreviation of ecrm which end of itself seems what does that mean right doesn’t mean anything. Verizon that use a similar type domain mimic what Verizon had recent world is the electronic customer relationship management platform does a subdomain off of the Verizon website is ecrm well the thing is that comes out of that is you would have to know what that’s actually stands for so if your customer you coming you see the I have some payment stuff and then you’ll see Verizon your go ecrm. Verizon.com right while ecrm is there electronic customer relationship management platform that’s what easier going to stands for but the Packers and I don’t know what the actual never did say what they use but it could have been edrm or ebrm and the whole point of it is that you would just kind of a do a quick look at that you got that makes sense cuz I’ve seen that before I seen something similar that before and so they just made their subdomains match up to edrm Verizon with a typosquatting kind of antelope and then people would buy into it so the ultimate goal is a did Intelligence they tailored there specific attack based on what Verizon does now and they targeted people that are Verizon customers dealer keep going around that is a sense of urgency and they changed basically is this the UCS all the time right change to a payment schedule your payment has changed you are delinquent in your payment all of those things are to create a sense of urgency so that you will react and just don’t know yeah yeah yeah that’s what happened and that’s a typical phishing scam right you do great this sense of oh my gosh I’m in trouble the IRS is coming to collect my home you name it right and it works it is is Goofy and is Ludacris’s it sound it works and people buy into it because they feel like they’re going to miss out on something or they’re going to be in trouble you better deal with it now right so those are aspects that they use on their phishing scam bottom-line it take away from this is is that they are now going away from utilizing the aspects of the desktop which 70% of most people you lies our smartphone to access the web and they’re targeting Moore on mobile 1st and they’re there in gathering intelligence and they’re targeting you based on their intelligence continuous problem as long as there’s money involved the scammers will be trying to steal your money. rolled out of the security news for the week we’re going to roll into some of our training and this has to be around the small business cyber security toolkit that’s was put together with the global cyber security Alliance which is GCA and MasterCard and This falls into line we first got introduced to this when I did the podcast around pci-dss was the last couple weeks and the cool part about all of this was that is to kick came out recently and they realize the same thing I’ve been saying forever it with reduce cyber risk is the fact that small and medium-sized businesses do not have a good cyber security repertoire they don’t have a lot of people they can go pick from and that’s why I reduce the risk is also come up is to teach and train people on cybersecurity business professionals as well as cyber-security practitioners on some of the aspects I need to do to protect their companies will they came up with a small business and what they came up with this isn’t as a joint initiative between GCA MasterCard and the quote is it… It goes beyond broad guidance in giving them very specific instructions presented okay bottom line is it’s designed to give you some Direction versus just saying is big you some real hardcore things you can actually use to protect your company and practice small business this is from Alexander I just going to give his name up as in i e j e low-90s be my first name was Shawn s h o n on and that’s about as good as my phonetic can be right or actually language C third grade education kicking in and he’s a senior MasterCard now they also received additional guidance from the national cybersecurity Center which is in the UK which is spelled really cool Centre right this is an English lesson you never know what does the national cybersecurity center from the UK and the Australian cybersecurity Center as well and they took their findings and then what they learn from Best Practices from those institutions as well as pci-dss and what MasterCard had helped them kind of established the meaning of the the requirements of PCI DSS will fit well within what they put together with his tool kit so it’s kind of Dual Purpose now it’s Bill for small and medium-sized businesses and their goal was to affect dry cleaners up to truck drivers could be anybody who has a small business and their point of this is that you guys whoever might and if you’re listening to this podcast you’re a small-business owner you maybe have been one of the smartest people in the room probably most likely cuz really smart to be able to make stuff happened in today’s world and what’s but you decipher security stuff is just absolutely yeah right why would I want to do with that so the point of it is as though you have one we ever do cyber risk to help you with that and the second is this tool kit and I think it’s really valuable in that space so cybersecurity isn’t comparative advantage what it means is your power to compare you as a dry cleaner and me as a dry cleaner that you would win with mr. dry cleaner I would lose so your comparative advantages and dry cleaning mine is in cybersecurity so therefore let us or partnership together and that’s why they gca1 the partnership as well Effect 1 million businesses in 1,000 days and this comes from Phil written he’s a president and CEO of CGA which is the cyber cyber GCA Global cyber Alliance all right so how is this working well they base it off of a framework and we talked about Frameworks as well as a podcast out their understanding Frameworks and you can also see some of the video that got on reduce cyber-risk around building out a framework and this one here this they’ve they’ve used a similar type of situation but some of the Frameworks out there is the cybersecurity framework ISO 27001 there’s multiple other nearest but the center for Internet Security is a CIS has a framework and that’s basic around basic CIS controls foundational CIS controlled and organizational CIS controlled now when you look at this and I’m we’re going to go through each of these control a thing to keep in mind is that it follows very closely to other Frameworks that are out there and this chart the Cyber the cybersecurity framework that is in place right now the CSF which was the critical infrastructure framework if you’re just tuning in and one of them’s your pie ask yourself is what is a framework is that something that you put a building up with a new that does not hold up anything of Raptors or roofs it is designed for basically is guidance it’s like a checklist is like tells you what you should consider when protecting your company and so therefore that to framework it’s a it’s step-by-step instructions on what to do framework may not be quite so simple so therefore you have to a little bit of massaging to make it fit what you wanted to do but at the end of the day it’s designed as Milestones guideposts checklist whatever you want to do to help you at least make the right choices as you’re moving forward Basic dog is an inventory and control of Hardware assets and they’re just going to give you one little bullet of each cuz I’ve got a laundry list of bullets since the Dry Cleaners Laundry constitutes joking that one is inventory control of Hardware assets that’s under the basic malware defenses under a foundational and then organizational is application software security and those are just made bullets that we’ve got on each of those and bottom line though is every one of those you will find another Frameworks and they’re extremely valuable and important especially today’s world as the the whole landscape is changing and getting much broader I just had to deal with something recently where I was dealing with Amazon AWS and how the terminology is so challenging for some people and in all so many people understand bits and pieces of AWS the Chalin and it’s include myself the challenges is that sometimes I know more than I really think I do or I shall I think I know more than I actually do and therefore it can potentially leave open holes which we’ve talked about on the podcast that the AWS is a great tool however yeah you could also get you in some serious trouble pretty quick the challenges is that this with these framework who designed the kind of help working through that now we’re kind of go to the toolkit self and just kind of breakdown I recommend I’ll have the links on the in the show notes of where you need to go to get the you could Google it is well you’ll find it but bottom line is is that it’s broken into different sub categories and subcategories have got actual tools that you can use that will help you and your business and some also some of them are policies and where can I go into those but basically there’s there’s six or six main buckets know what you have update your defenses Beyond Simple passwords preventing fishing and viruses defend against ransomware and protect your brand every one of those is extremely valuable what do you have an Enterprise when you have a small business and this is a really good way for you to kind of especially if you have a small company to get the same level of cybersecurity Pooh that you would get with a big company I think it’s really helpful especially if you don’t understand these kind of information so what first one is know what you have so is your look at the basics it’s going to come down to identifying devices and identify your applications this is foundational piece of this or I should say basic cuz that’s the basics but it is very basic and you have in your environment to protect them we don’t know exist and it can open you up to a lot of risk so is identifying your devices and it’s doing an inventory with both devices and applications with your to find out when you do that is probably a lot of old stuff that really needs to be updated or you need to figure out what you want do with it turned into a brick or I don’t know what shooting gallery figure that out use policy which is great it’s it’s a policy is an initial policy on how to build out for USB usage now you’re going to want to make more policies especially if you’re a business owner looking at this you’re not going to have a couple other policies in place their what is a good way for you to get started is also manage engine hardware and software inventory tool there’s an open audit inventory product and the spiceworks inventory tool which is added for devices and applications and manage the inventory what’s in your varmint until you can go out and buy expensive tools for you that may give you a little bit more granularity than these I haven’t tested them but I’m assuming that they give you no but if you’re small medium sized business in your kind of operating on the least amount of capital expenditures as you can this is a great way for you get started you met in the future want to add something else to your inventory but it’s a great place to get go update your defenses now there’s a Basics run this and it’s basically updating your systems updating your apps employment security settings and securing your websites so now if you did step one and you figure out what you had your figure step to start looking at how do you update your system so how to heat your pool from being exposed right you have to ask important to make sure these things are update and now you’re going to find out from your inventory that you may have some really old pool I got you before you’re going to go so you’re going to have to make some decisions when you update those systems and or those applications you may have some really old applications that you just can’t update no more accept the risk or are you going to try to get a new sister bottom line if you listen to this podcast and you’re interested in securing your company could probably going to want to look at investing in something so you just going to you can get by on a shoestring for a while but if you really want to protect your company probably doing just a little bit of money a little bit of time and do it the tools are also going to have a patching policy against other policy very good thing and then auto update software so basically they got links to how to auto update for Android iOS Microsoft as well and they have Benchmark which a really good they’re just kind of like another little framework but they’re how do you set up the basic security configurations for your Mac your windows in your mobile systems it’s not going to be all inclusive but it’s going to get you started risk it supposed to reduce it you’re not going to get it 2-0 cyber-risk you’re just going to get reduce your cyber risk so that Anna manager engine desktop Central’s got an area that you can actually essentially a centralized Management console that you can manage your desktop so all these are really good tools Enterprises pay big money for these things and they’re not scalable so just so you know these are not the kind of things you can scale up in a large-scale company you want to invest in different tools for that but they give you the basics of what you need to protect your business now Beyond Simple passwords Okay so passwords numerous times on this podcast and the one thing you wanted focus on his strong passwords I will argue with this with anybody who would wish to argue with me and I’d probably I mean with my third grade education I probably couldn’t argue very long but I’ll just tell you that was a terrible idea because what are uses monkey or like something else that might not be appropriate for a podcast these are different things that for their password they also have its we want to focus on how do you make a strong password multi-factor to factor Basics how do you get in the multi-factor by Google Authenticator and so forth and then what are the tools for multi-factor here’s one about their but they talk about those and those are really easy to enable and they have step by step instructions on how to do it have I been pwned by Troy hunt very good site if best if you’ve been compromised and I can give recent email amount that was compromised like 700 million or something crazy like that so yeah you probably compone just just just nod your head up and down yep you been pwned least your email account is hopefully that’s all password reuse training and why do we not do password reuse to get us not a good thing Passover using is not a good thing just so you know a strong password training Eli’s tools that are out there like LastPass password generator and so forth multi-factor training multi-factor authentication tool so how to use multi-factor and then what are the tools you can use to enable multi-factor on your accounts some really good stuff and this is especially for passwords prevent phishing and viruses eph Basics DNS security we going to get in the DNS security and they go into how the importance of that nature domain name service security around you’ve got reduced arborist.com and what is the the security around that antivirus ad blockers and so forth all those main things that you do with from a internet kind of stuff they also recommend antivirus I haven’t heard about any years a Microsoft Defender and so forth my belief on anti-viruses or viruses there a little bit of a placebo a little delayed I do like Microsoft Defender because they basically use the hive approach with their Windows devices to help give you a little more real-time capability but antivirus if you go out and buy it as an individual it’s better than nothing so this to help prevent the stuff that’s been around for a while which is good old stuff that would be helpful more than just a bee but it’s a good place to start. how did they have ad blockers which was for Firefox and Opera so again those different web browsers that are there but again these are good areas around fishing and ransomware on the other hand yeah that’s just a different animal but guess what we’re rolling into defending against ransomware the basics here they talk about is OS X backups in Windows 10 backup so is you’re in trouble to get ransomware your toast and it’s true but if you have a backup in place at least then you can restore from a backup as long as your backup doesn’t have ransomware in it then you just back up the ransomware and now you reinstall and you get ransomware once again so those are things you need to consider but it’s a good place because the nice part about this is it helps you understand that you need a backup especially on these critical systems and one thing to consider if your small and medium-sized business you need to make sure you’re backing up your critical systems and if you are there are other compliance requirements around that so you need to make sure that you’re meeting those what’s important thing to do your time machine backups and Windows 10 there auto-backup so then getting into the backup Mantra but that will help defend against the dreaded ransomware which by the way is kind of on the rise mainly for businesses I am protecting your brand some interesting things around here this protects what is your company name so company the basics are implemented DeMark okay and understand DeMark reporting and then trademark protection to all of these are really important especially to protect your company if you are the best kitty litter Disposal Company in the world and you have the brand as the best kitty litter Disposal Company the world you want to keep that because you don’t want a third-rate person to come in and take over your brand right so the tools are out there is a GCA which is from the global cyber security Alliance they have a demarc set-up guide so how you can do that and we would understand what demarc is honestly I had forgotten about DeMark a little bit and I had to go back and read team-based message authentication reporting and conformance and that’s all turn right but basically what comes right down to his it it’s states that if you’re getting an email from an email server can authenticate on any incoming email so that DNS that comes in it authenticated it says yes it should be allowed in so there’s a really good way that you can utilize that and they have a dmarc email authentication tool that’s available kaldi Marquis Marquis in Duarte the spoofing of any sort of is it hard percent foolproof no but it’s pretty good as far as DNS go so it will help get rid of a lot of chaff and if you were to get someone’s a spoof that basically comes down to is there a highly targeting you in a very specific way Samuel impersonation we seen this numerous times I’ve seen it where I used to do it I used to basically impersonate emails in Hugo from looking up right now okay I’ve got a deebot right so I got when I was in my house so instead of deebot the little automatic vacuuming machine which is Awesome by the way they went to deep water what’s up happening is deebot dot-com is emailing you saying hey you haven’t paid for your deebot yet that’s a female impersonation right uniweb fishing detection test type bass player that’s comes out of typosquatting and the different fishing websites as well so there’s lots of email stuff in there it’s really good toolset there I would highly recommend you check that out that is all I had is round the driver glycol we probably have another podcast or maybe I put on some videos on YouTube on going through the different toolkit itself and just kind of what what does it do how would you click on it what you do with it and so forth and I’ll probably do that just to screen share that put on YouTube around it but it’ll be good it’s really good for small medium-sized businesses it’s a great place to start but bottom line is you need to take pay attention to it you may not want to but yeah it’s about 60 to 70 per-cent of what I’ve read of companies that do not and get hacked go out of business within the first year so if your small business listen to this you might want to pay attention to it to the simple fact of it is is it if you don’t you could end up in a situation where you are probably had something homeless on the street asking for money hopefully not that bad all the references we had was Graham cluley he gave me some stuff around the ransomware response of the north Hydro we talked about that as a related to the Social Security news and also Locker Goga I like like a go-go even though I couldn’t say it during the podcast icy magazine you cannot the links are there for CIS security which is around the CIS framework and then the global Street Alliance as well as SE magazine in dark reading some really good stuff in that all right I hope you enjoyed this podcast it’s been a fun for me are you all have a wonderful day if you if you have the time head on out to reduce cyber risk I’ve got some free stuff out there your business owner there free stuff for business owners and if you’re working on your cissp certification I got free stuff for you to their so check it all out Facebook and on Twitter thanks so much for joining me today on my podcast if you like what you heard please leave a review and as I was a greatly appreciate any and all feedback also check out my videos that are on YouTube search for Sean Gerber and you will find a plethora of content to help you secure your business lastly head on over to reduce cyber risk and looked at all the free stuff it’s available for our email subscribers is growing each and every day thanks again for listening

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