RCR 072: Practice CISSP Exam Questions for Fire Suppression - CISSP Training and Study!

Feb 12, 2020
CISSP Cyber Training
RCR 072: Practice CISSP Exam Questions for Fire Suppression - CISSP Training and Study!



Shon Gerber from ShonGerber.com provides you the information and knowledge you need to prepare and pass the CISSP Exam while providing the tools you need to enhance your cybersecurity career.  Shon utilizes his expansive knowledge while providing superior training from his years of training people in cybersecurity. 

In this episode, Shon will provide CISSP training for Domain 5 (Identity and Access Management) of the CISSP Exam.  His extensive training will cover all of the CISSP domains.

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CISSP Exam Questions

Question:  099

What is the ideal humidity range for a computer room?

  1. A) 20-40 percent
  2. B) 40-60 percent
  3. C) 60-75 percent
  4. D) 80-95 percent

40-60 percent

The humidity in a computer room should ideally be from 40 to 60 percent.

From <https://www.brainscape.com/flashcards/physical-environmental-security-1004067/packs/1774328


Question:  100

A Type B fire extinguisher may use all except which of the following suppression mediums?

  1. A) Water
  2. B) CO2
  3. C) Halon or an acceptable halon substitute
  4. D) Soda acid


Water is never the suppression medium in Type B fire extinguishers because they are used on liquid fires.

From https://www.brainscape.com/flashcards/physical-environmental-security-1004067/packs/1774328


Question:  101

Which of the following is not a disadvantage of using security guards?

  1. A) Security guards are usually unaware of the scope of the operations within a facility.
  2. B) Not all environments and facilities support security guards.
  3. C) Not all security guards are themselves reliable.
  4. D) Prescreening, bonding, and training does not guarantee effective and reliable security guards.

Security guards are usually unaware of the scope of the operations within a facility.

From https://www.brainscape.com/flashcards/physical-environmental-security-1004067/packs/1774328


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welcome zardu Service Podcast episode 72 cissp exam questions doing 5 identity and access management welcome to the reduce cyber risk podcast where we provide you the training tools you need to pass the cissp exam while enhancing your cybersecurity career hi my name is Sean Gerber and I'm your host for this action-packed informative podcasts each week is I provide the information you need to grow your cybersecurity knowledge so that you're better prepared to pass the cissp exam beautiful it's just great my kids are off for the wonderful weekend and as they are often the fun things begin yeah I love my children but after having five of them out right now at home it's about ready to kill me I'm don't them just yeah I'm struggling and so yeah and if you are any of you have ever children at all or if you have children at some point in time of your life on my recommendation is a stick with boys boys girls I love my daughters but by the way they unique there is no doubt about it somebody doing well and had a great pass this past week and have had a good Monday how you can check out some of the last cissp podcast put that out on Monday so you should be able to get that into your cue but other than that things are going well here in Kansas so I can't complain at all I was in a interesting conversation with a company that I can't talk about but they are dealing with an Insider threat problem and it's kind of interesting aspect that when you start getting into cissp and you study those the topics you will become get your cyber security background you get more exposure to a lot of different areas that will help your company and help your career and in this episode. We'll talk about the questions real quick but it was actually an interesting aspect on The Insider threat and what are some of the key things you're doing to watch for in Insider the and if you're not familiar with what that is it's a basically in the past used to be who was a person that had been co-opted into stealing information ocean in a previous life when I was in the red team we would basically act like an Insider in some respects are we would potentially try to co-op in inside her into giving us information now it was the individual who is espionage for a a company for a country and now it's change the fact they still have that ass back where someone could be an Insider or could be doing these malicious activities to steal data but it also knows become their account and more than the individual it's what does their account have access to from an Insider threat perspective that end up you could have compromised account and then find out what they can connect connect to and then is a hacker you would steal their credentials and you log into what they can get and then you would steal all their data and bring it back home and that was the ultimate goal and it wasn't so much that the person you turn to the individual because it took a lot of work if you look at some of the despised that had been against the United States or it doesn't matter whatever country you go against it takes a lot of work to turn those individuals to do co-op against their their actual country when now you didn't have to do that all you have to do is steal her credentials and you automatically get a spy within an organization so it's pretty cool I had to recommend that you check out my cissp training videos around Insider threat there's some good things in there and then how to build an Insider threat program for your company it's important to build one of those out even if he starts small just just because you're going to have that problem no matter what I had the story where was talking to her HR folks when I first started with my company that I'm with now and said you know you do have an Insider threat problem goes to me she says no we don't have I said why is that and she said well because my culture are comfortable allow it and I started laughing like a sweetheart yeah it doesn't matter that you can have the best culture in the world but anybody at any point in time can be turned of finding out whether or not what is it what motivates them because a good divorce kids doing a college all of those aspects can turn people into individuals who will steal data for money till something their little piece of tidbit little piece of information around the inside of fret so let's roll into Domaine five identity and access management questions question 99 questions on Sean gerber.com you get access to them as well and I'll be out there for you to download question 99 what is the ideal humidity range for a computer 20 to 40% 40 to 60% 80 to 95% what the ideal amount is b-42 60% or I can get these questions off of Sean gerber.com you can also go to brainscape and I have the the link in the show notes to go get those questions alright? a a a type B fire extinguishers getting through their permit a type B fire extinguisher may use all except which of the following suppression medium a water be CO2 C Halon or an acceptable Halon substitute or D soda acid type B fire extinguisher a water bco to see Halon or acceptable Halon substitute or D soda acid the answer is water water is never Expressions medium in type beat mc8 so we can focus on this is Sims 4 make all except underlined except when you go through and read these questions make sure you do that when you're reading the question a credit on a computer to cancel it right on the computer but put that down on a note cuz I'll give you a piece of paper to write notes on a recommendation will be to light bright accept or do something to help keep your memory on it is not as an it's a not right in that case of it except okay so that is answer is water advantage of using security guards negative security guards are usually unaware of the scope of operations within the facility for their underwear cool not all environments if facility support security guards that is true security guards are themselves reliable that is the pre-screening bonding and training does not guarantee effective and reliable security guard that is very very true as well so yet three truths and one false which of the following is not a disadvantage so that donated not a disadvantage of using security guards are usually unaware of the scope of operation within a facility not all environment and Facilities darts c not all security guards are themselves reliable all right bye-bye daily Nexus all right I hope you have a wonderful day check me out again. Come and get me again Shawn s h o n is I love my parents I don't know why did any of that Gerber like the baby food toilet or nice and you can check me out at Shawn gerber.com and I've got some great stuff for you there so head on over there and get some good free stuff thanks so much for joining me today on my podcast head over to shown gerber.com and look at all the free content that I have available for you there is a cissp mini course free cissp exam questions podcast and so much more it's all available to my email subscriber so sign up if you want my personalized cissp training purchase my training courses and I'll be there to help you with your cissp need so you can pass the test the first time thanks so much for listening will catch you on the flip side

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