$2,000.00 USD


Personal Mentorship and Coaching - Cybersecurity

Get your own personal coach and mentor! 

It took me years to find someone who was in a position within their cybersecurity career that could help me plan and strategize….You can get that experience right now!

What you'll get:

  • All the benefits of the Tailored Training Program for 1 year
  • Twelve (30 minute) scheduled meetings to discuss any cybersecurity topic
  • Resume and Interview Prep
  • CISSP Endorsement
Disclaimer:  The curriculum in this course covers the content based on the most current CISSP exam (May 2021).  This training covers each objective that is required for the CISSP exam in varying degrees of complexity and competency.  Purchasing this course is a great step toward achieving your goals, but it cannot guarantee success….Only you can do that!  😊