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Personal Coaching and Mentorship - Cybersecurity

Get a personal 1-on-1 interaction with Shon to answer any specific questions over the CISSP, career planning/coaching, resume/interview preparation, or antying he can do to help your cybersecurity career! This is a fantastic opportunity to connect and provide you with the valuable information you need to take your career to the next level.  

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CISSP Training and Study

Self-Paced CISSP Training Program

A comprehensive trainign program that is designed off Shon's approach to taking and passing the CISSP exam.  The training included contains 20+ hours of content, exam questions, audio recordings and so much more.  It has everything you need to pass the CISSP exam the first time.  


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CISSP Training and Study

CISSP Cyber Tailored Training Membership

Get the direct interaction you need to help you pass the CISSP the "First Time"!  The CISSP Cyber Tailored Training Membership will provide access to Shon and others in the community.  You will gain direct answers to your questions while studying for the CISSP exam while gaining access to an ever-increasing number of study materials designed to help you pass the exam. 

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