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Introducing the CISSP Training Masterclass Program!

Finally, a solution to achieve the CISSP Certification taught by those who have attained the success you want to achieve in your cybersecurity career!

Are you an ambitious Cybersecurity or IT professional who wants to take your career to new heights by achieving the CISSP Certification?  

Do you want to increase your earning potential by 100% or more by passing the CISSP exam?  

Are you struggling with time commitments and want a "guide/mentor" to help you achieve the CISSP on your schedule?  

Look no further! My tailored CISSP Training Academy has been created exclusively for for professionals like you who aspire to become experts in your field of study. 

Introducing a comprehensive solution designed to address your unique needs in the journey towards CISSP mastery. Within our program, you'll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to pass the CISSP exam and propel your career to unparalleled heights.

If you are like me, finding time to carve out of your schedule can be extremely challenging…if not impossible.  Between demands of your role, families, and personal responsibilities studying for the CISSP becomes a secondary consideration.

…and to add more frustration into the mix, the sheer amount of knowledge required to pass the exam is overwhelming!  You know, the CISSP certification is one of the most commonly failed exams in cybersecurity with a 80% fail rate.  You don’t have time to retake an exam, you need it finished...the first time!

Does this sound familiar? 

When I failed the CISSP Exam the first time each of these challenges overwhelmed me and as a result I vowed to create an academy for professionals like us!

As a result, We've created the COMPLETE SYSTEM to help you overcome the knowledge and experience gap, so you get real support from experts who truly want you to pass the CISSP exam….the first time!

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The CISSP Cyber Masterclass Program provides  high caliber training to meet your exacting professional standards: 

  • A defined path for CISSP success allowing for changes in busy calendar through personal coaching and accountability
  • An ever-expanding library full of tools, training, and resources allowing you to make your study time more productive
  • Tailored Private 1:1 coaching providing you expertise and insight with my decades of mentoring experience, providing you an unbiased support system ready to help you overcome any challenge
  • Includes a vast assortment of training products in both audio and video formats to meet whatever training style fits your lifestyle
  • "Curated" CISSP exam questions created specifically to help you understand the purpose behind the questions being asked, saving you time researching every question
  • 100+ pieces of video and audio content available immediately helping you better understand the meaning behind CISSP exam questions
  • Monthly live events, via Zoom, for training, feedback, and Q&A
  • A private members-only forum of professionals designed to share your experiences, get feedback and ask questions
  • Receive 1/1 reviews and feedback for resume and interview preparation providing you an insider thought process help you achieve your ultimate Cybersecurity role and maximize your Return on Investment (ROI). 
  • Receive a CISSP endorsement from our qualified CISSP instructors when you pass the test….the first time! 
  • Your access is never impacted by your schedule, time zone, or other outside requirements….you retain full control of your training path!
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Academy Leader, Shon Gerber

 am a cybersecurity professional who has been serving in the IT field for over 21 years teaching and training people, just like you!  I have been a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) since 2009 and I didn’t pass the CISSP the first time!

I started my career as a Commercial Pilot and Fight Instructor and completed up my aviation career as a Weapons System Officer (WSO) flying B-1B Bombers for the United States Air Force.  I finished my tenure in the military as the Commander of an elite Red Team squadron focused on cyber and physical penetration techniques around the globe.  Currently, I am working as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and finishing up my tenure as an Adjunct Professor teaching students on various cybersecurity topics outlined within the CISSP Certification

One HUGE problem I faced during my beginning stages in cybersecurity was how to dedicate the time and energy to learn the cybersecurity fundamentals to pass the CISSP exam while balancing a career and family.  

As I visit with my various students both in a college setting and those who have taken my various courses the problem of finding time, energy and accountability to gain the knowledge necessary to pass the exam still is a challenge…and a struggle.  

I have walked in your shoes and faced the very same challenges.  I will help you with all the tools you need to get this certification complete while maintaining your work/life balance. 

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Take a look inside at your membership dashboard:

As an CISSP Masterclass Program member, you get unlimited access to everything, 24x7x365

The CISSP Masterclass welcomes professionals like yourself who want or are working on the CISSP Certification from all parts of the globe.  This diversity makes for a very unique and collaborative experience!

This program is best suited for the following individuals:

  • Cybersecurity or other IT professionals who what to pass the CISSP exam and want to increase their earning potential
  • Individuals who have numerous outside work commitments (Family, Church, Community, etc.) and need a structured approach to pass the CISSP
  • Individuals who want more options in their careers and achieving the CISSP certification is a perquisite
  • Professionals who want a “concierge” approach to the certification with leadership and mentorship along the way 

Our mission is to serve professionals that understand the value of the CISSP and the importance of investing in their future, collaborating with other individuals who are preparing to take and pass the CISSP exam.

The CISSP Masterclass Program is a COMPLETE SYSTEM that helps you through all of the CISSP training and gets you ready to pass the CISSP exam.


+ If you want to pass the CISSP Exam….

+ If you want to have unlimited access to the critical tools, training, and resource to need for success…

+ If you want the support and guidance of an experienced leadership coach, when you need it most…

+ If you want access to a community of high-achieving CISSP students who are always there for you…

+ If you want to have everything easily accessible on a mobile App, 24x7x365…

+  if you truly want the smallest investment to create the largest return which will forever change your career and life… 

+ AND if you utilize your limited study time to maximize your future career and earning potential 

Then the CISSP Masterclass Program is best CISSP training experience you've been waiting for! 

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And don't forget, you have the best guarantee EVER!

Your access to the CISSP Success Academy is protected by our 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.


+ If you are not happy for any reason, or


+ If you simply don't feel this is for you


You'll get 100% of your money back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED EVER!


So I absolutely think this is a no lose situation.



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  • Starts with 14-Day Trial for just $1.00
  • Unlimited access to all courses and resources
  • Monthly Virtual Q&A Calls
  • Exclusive CISSP Community
  • Unlimited Private Cybersecurity Mentoring 24x7x365
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Cancel anytime, no long-term commitment 







  • Unlimited access to all courses and resources
  • Monthly Virtual Q&A Calls
  • Exclusive CISSP Community
  • Unlimited Private Cybersecurity Mentoring 24x7x365
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Cancel anytime, no long-term commitment
  • BONUS:  Private Career/Mentoring Strategy Zoom Call
  • Price includes 1-month FREE each Quarter




$597 (1-Payment)



  • Unlimited access to all courses and resources
  • Monthly Virtual Q&A Calls
  • Exclusive CISSP Community
  • Unlimited Private Cybersecurity Mentoring 24x7x365
  • BONUS:  Private Career/Mentoring Strategy Zoom Call
  • No additional payments, EVER!
  • Lifetime access to everything
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